Our Children Are Precious Commodities…Surround Them With Positive Nourishment

Eleanor Roosevelt eloquently said, ‘Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

Our children are our most valued assets and deserve continual positive nourishment. Their hearts and souls deserve it. It is, therefore, a parent’s most important role to be keenly aware of the necessity of making them an utmost priority. What will ensue is a strong belief in their capacity to thrive with a healthy mindset and strong coping mechanisms. Their self-esteem and the beauty of believing in their good traits are rooted in the atmosphere in their home environment. As they step out into the open world of possible situations that can wreak havoc on their self-esteem, their deeply ingrained strong sense of self and believing in themselves will override the hurt. They can then let the negativity in the form of insults and the feeling of being left out to be tossed aside. This will allow them to carry on with their days with a strong sense of self-will and control over their own mindset.

It is an unfortunate time period with the bullying and teasing that is rampant in school systems. Unfortunately, because of our hi-tech world of communication, it can continue on through cyberspace. It is, therefore, ever more important to protect our children from the negative comments of others that are derived in the need to make someone else feel bad.

The power of positive affirmation in the home can help to outweigh the possible negativity they may come encounter in the outside world. The most effective avenue is to make focusing on their positive attributes in an ongoing daily fashion. Make it a priority to point out their endearing traits with constant positive affirmation. The bottom line is that it will build their self-esteem and make them better equipped to handle negative situations in the outside world.

The audible words that come out of your mouth and into their ears are powerful. But there are creative ways to convey the message that you believe in them and their skills.  One idea is to put a positive note under their pillow every night that points out their wonderful traits. They can  start each day looking forward to reading their compliment. It can jump start their day with a ray of sunshine. Your words can be an uplifting punch to carry them through the day.  Focus on the positive such as: “I love the way you laugh!” “You have such a bright imagination!” “I’m so proud of you!” Be certain to always end with, “I love you!” Words are powerful, especially loving ones that encourage children to believe in themselves. You can have them keep a journal where they write down all their good traits. These words can carry them a long, long way throughout each day, as a continual reminder of their goodness.

If your child does become an unfortunate victim of bullying and teasing, it is important to explain the underlying reason why they do this. Enforce in them the knowledge that children who bully are only doing it because they do not feel good about themselves. They feel the need to make others feel bad, thereby, giving them a false feeling that they have worth. Tell your child to wipe their words right out of there mind and move forward, as they are reminding themselves of all the good traits that you have worked at instilling in their minds. By so doing, you can erase the feelings of rejection and doubting themselves. They can then rise above it all knowing that they are valuable in their own right.

Another angle would be for parents to encourage their child who has suffered teasing to help them to understand that the teaser is obviously sad on the inside. He or she may be having a difficult life at home. Relay to your child that they, perhaps, may need a friend. Encourage them to be kind. Invite them to sit beside you at lunch. It would be a way to teach them how to be a friend rather than a bully.

Remind your child often that we are all worthy human beings who have faults, but who also have the capacity to be good people. It is paramount that they believe in themselves…and in others! We can then all come together with a great understanding of the value of nourishing friendships!

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