When An Ordinary Day Turns Extraordinary!!

Have you ever noticed that sometimes ordinary days can have a way of turning extraordinary in seconds flat? The mundane can so quickly be swept away because of some unexpected bizarre circumstance. These days usually begin ordinarily enough with your ordinary cup of coffee. You may take your dog for an ordinary walk and head off for your job to start an ordinary day.(Have I said ordinary enough? Get the point?) However, life can have a way of taking sudden, sharp turns without a moment’s notice. You find yourself in some extraordinary place in a predicament leaving you wondering how things could have gone so awry. How could this be when the day had begun so very ordinarily?

My mother fell into bed with the kind of exhaustion that can accumulate after many nights of very little sleep. She finally had the opportunity to have an ordinary full night’s sleep. How could she have known as she drifted off to sleep that her day would take a turn for the extraordinary. She suddenly woke to the sound of a chainsaw’s buzzing. It sounded like a “mean person” was trying to saw off the doorknob to the front door of her house. She tried several more times to fall asleep only to keep hearing the disturbing sound of sucking, snorting, buzzing noise of an obvious chainsaw. She finally jumped up and frantically called the police. Sensing that a chainsaw murderer was on the loose in their small town, they rushed over to her house in seconds flat.

The alarmed police wandered all through the house expecting any moment to come face to face with that “mean person.” After quite an intense search, they did not find a murderer lurking around with a chainsaw. They had no choice but to leave my mother to possibly face her “death by sawing.” Although danger still abounded in my mother’s mind, she decided to go back to bed concerned that she was awaiting her impending doom. As she was falling asleep, she heard the alarming noise again!! Feeling ever so slightly humiliated, this time, however, she realized from where the dangerous sounds came. They were from her own “extraordinary” nose…better yet–the sounds of her own deep snoring!



Just one of your average (or not so average?)  ordinary days turning upside down and taking an unexpected turn for the extraordinary! Humor along with the laughter that follows is what makes life fun and entertaining!

PS-My mother gave me permission to write this goofy story about her. She said it would be well-worth the laughter that would ensue because of it. Thanks, Mama!!

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Hunter has been living her dream of being an author after falling in love with the Nancy Drew Mysteries in the fourth grade. She has incorporated her love for words along with her psychology degree from Meredith College to create books that can be aids in healthy nourishment for the mind. She is the author of five children's books, a photography book and a novel. She has been a human interest columnist for The Charlotte Observer (2001-2005) as well. She was the recipient of the "50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading" by The Author's Show, the Meredith College Career Achievement Alumnae Award and the Excellence in Creative Writing Award by the General Federation of Women’s Clubs. She is a public speaker and teaches a writing camp for kids called Writer's Cramp Camp. (The animated art on this blog is provided by http://www.appleanimation.com)
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