Who Are The “Balcony People” In Your Lives?

We, as humans, can be compared to a tiny, obscure bird—the sparrow. Sparrows, in spite of their size, are strong and adaptable in even the fiercest of winds. However, a sparrow is at the same time so fragile that a human could crush it in one hand.

Joyce Heatherley used this concept that she beautifully worded in her book, “Balcony People.” She compared human beings to this delicate bird. Likewise, our spirits can be so easily crushed by the critical judgments of others.”Balcony People”  is a small book– a quick 30 minute read, but it is jam-packed with crucial information for a life of contentment and understanding.

Balcony people are the positive affirmers in your life who are hanging way over the balcony cheering you on while expressing how much they believe in you and your capabilities. This is opposed to Joyce Heatherley’s term “basement people.” They are the evaluators who feel the need to point out the negative aspects. They tend to adversely advise when they haven’t lived in your shoes and, therefore, aren’t qualified to offer insight. Just know that this lack of understanding can be rooted in their own issues with which they need to deal. So, keep moving forward believing in yourself and the “balcony people” in your life. But do keep in mind that the evaluating “basement people”  have their own good traits in other areas.

She goes on to eloquently ask, “Who are the affirmers in your life? Who by one small sentence has changed and lifted your opinion of yourself? Who helps you to respect and believe in your own value as a person? And who is the affirmer who encourages you to stretch and dream beyond your self-imposed limits and capabilities? She goes on to say, “One affirmer is worth a thousand evaluators.”

Joyce Heatherley says that by affirming them, as their balcony person, there is no room for criticism and judgmental attitudes. Balcony people listen up and then, instead of tearing others down, they aid in building their self-esteem.

In your day to day to-do lists, make an additional list of the people for whom you will be a balcony person. Don’t ever miss opportunities to pass along kind thoughts and positive words. You never know what people are dealing with in their private lives and a kind word may be just what they need to lift their spirits. Why don’t we all make a concerted effort to make certain and be “balcony people” for all of our friends.

Cram their balcony full of smiling, waving, cheering you on kinds of friends! Tell them you love them and believe in them.  Positive words far outweigh negative judgments. Words of suport can manifest itself in giving your friend even more energy caused by hearing endearing words acknowledging your belief in them and their abilities. Being a balcony person for your friends can  be the makings for the most perfect gift that will leave an everlasting smile on their hearts. 🙂   Hunter Darden-order personalized copies of my books by scrolling to the top of this page (www.booksbyhunter.net) and clicking the link or email me at hunterdarden@gmail.com.


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