I Only Eat Trout-Learn to Cope With Worry

I Only Eat Trout is about a little boy named Joey who is consumed by worries. His perceptive teacher realizes that she needs to come up with a plan to help him with his anxiety. There is a "Worry Pouch" at the end of the book with sticky note pads where kids can write down their worries and stuff them away in the pouch to forget about them. There is also a Happy Thoughts pad where they can write down the small, happy moments in their daily lives and save them under their pillow, as a reminder of all the good.

"In 'I Only Eat Trout,' Hunter Darden captures the essence of anxiety through the eyes of a child.  This book is a simple, profound and practical guide for children and families who struggle with the stress and anxiety of day to day life.  Whether one’s “worries” are situational or long standing sensible tools are needed to cope effectively.   Hunter Darden brings creativity, wisdom and compassion to the increasingly common struggle of childhood anxiety in our culture.  I highly recommend this book as a staple in every home of young children."

-Tammy A. Summers, M.Ed., Licensed Professional Counselor-


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