Horse Sense & Savvy

Horse Sense and Savvy is a collection of columns that I have written for The Charlotte Observer (Iredell Neighbors) . We humans are fascinating creatures with our intriguing natures and idiosyncrasies that make us who we are. Because of our interesting natures, I have been provided with great fodder for my columns.

We are all on this journey called "life." It is our responsibility to make the best of it. If we can try to lead our lives with some semblance of "horse sense" and a touch of savvy, along with a smattering of wisdom, we can turn life into a rewarding, amusing trip through its trials and joys.

We must understand that we are only human. We are expected to stumble through life with our faux pas and foibles. The value of humor is unsurpassed and being able to laugh at ourselves is one of the keys to healthy living. Let's give ourselves a break. The other main ingredient is the importance of valuing our friends and family. We must treat them with tender love, respect, and acceptance for their faults.

Our "life journey" can then be a successful one with just enough "horse sense and savvy."


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