The Everlasting Snowman-A Story Of The Cycle Of Life

Combining the excitement of an unexpected holiday due to snow and the recognition of the eternal nature of life, The Everlasting Snowman is a story for all ages and all seasons.

The wonder and beauty of creation is recalled and represented in word and picture, a delightto ear and eye. The value of play and recreation, friendships and family are all highlighted as the children in the story join together to build a snowman family. By so doing, they discover that there is more to life than meets the eye. They discover the great circle of life--a circle that is everlasting--and so do we.

The Everlasting Snowman reminds us both to rejoice in the present and to have faith and trust for the future. Nothing is ultimately lost, nothing ever taken away. The good gift of life is everlasting. The gifts of God are eternal. The Everlasting Snowman invites all, young and old, to ponder anew this

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