The “Reel” Thing-A Fishing Story Of Hope And Joy

Thoreau said, “Many men go fishing all their lives without knowing it is not the fish they are after.” This is the “real” truth behind The “Reel” Thing.
All the townspeople had given up hope years before of catching the legendary Madame Mossback…that is….all except for Charlie. “The Madame” is the oldest, biggest bass in the fishing pond. She's so old that moss actually grows on her back.

Charlie has the unique quality of joyful perseverance. His enthusiasm for catching “The Madame” is contagious. As everyone goes about their daily tasks they inevitably are drawn to Charlie's excitement on his way to the fishing hole. He happily exclaims to each one, “Today is the day I'm going to catch Madame Mossback!” With his steadfast faith and hope he rejuvenates the town's interest in catching “The Madame.” As they realize the day's work can wait, they slowly gather for a day of fun and fellowship. They never catch Madame Mossback, but something more important. The “catch of the day” turns out to be a valuable mixture of friendships and a day of renewal for body and soul. And of course, Charlie with his eternal hope and optimism announces at the end of the fishing day, “Tomorrow is the day I'm going to catch Madame Mossback!” The beauty of a happy spirit, joy and hope is that it can continue on and on and on…if you allow it…it's your choice.

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