Tapestry-A Novella About The Healing Of The Soul

Tapestry is the saga of the heart and soul as they journey together and meet at a crossroads to form the ultimate love story. It is Olivia’s personal journey of self-discovery through a lifetime of grief resolution. It culminates into the beauty of love at its finest when Olivia finds real love all because of a simple sentence, a dove, and an unexpected letter.
At the tender age of two, Olivia lost her big brother whom she adored. She decided subconsciously that loving was a painful emotion. What if you love someone and then you lose that person? It hurts too much. With help and guidance from her parents, she was able to overcome the symptoms of shyness and inwardness caused from the loss. As a young adult, she loses her father and then her sister. She finds herself reliving the pain from her brother’s death.
Olivia regresses to her once familiar cocoon. She wavers on the precipice between doubt and faith. It becomes even more difficult for her to love and to allow herself to be loved. Olivia becomes disillusioned with God as she fights to understand God’s presumed goodness. She loses faith in the concept of prayer.
Jack, the man in Olivia’s life provides steadfastness for her with his innate sense of happiness. Olivia is aware of how fortunate she is to have him. She still cannot seem to give fully to him…until a pivotal and powerful moment when her faith in God is restored in mere seconds.
The floodgate to her heart opens wide and Olivia’s scarred heart is, at long last, able to love God, herself, and Jack. Olivia discovers that it is the beauty of love that becomes nourishment for her soul.

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